Enhancing Perception and Attachment through Systemic Listening Therapy

Does sound have the power to unlock our capacity for emotional resilience and human connection?

How does the auditory world we experience in our mother’s womb shape our physical, cognitive, and emotional development?

Is there a way to transform prenatal trauma, experience profound healing, and unleash creative potential?

Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, backed by real-life case studies and recent scientific findings in the fields of hearing, neurobiology, child development, and attachment research, From Resonance to Bonding takes us on a transformative journey through the realm of auditory perception and its astonishing impact on human development.

In this comprehensive work, translated into English for the first time, Dr. Tomatis’s students, Dirk Beckedorf and Franz Müller present an extensive overview of Systemic Listening Therapy, its theoretical underpinnings, and scientific bases. Informed by their 30 years of experience, the authors dissect each aspect of this therapy, including the functioning of the Electronic Ear and the various parameters of the Listening Profile, and make a compelling case for an attachment-based approach to listening therapy.

With an accessible and engaging blend of science, psychology, and practical applications, this book is an invaluable resource for professionals in educational as well as therapeutic contexts. Teachers, mental health practitioners, and those working to support children and adults with special needs, including autism, developmental delays, and learning difficulties, will find its insights illuminating. The detailed case studies will be particularly useful to parents searching for a method to strengthen their children’s development.

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About the Authors and Publisher

Dr. med. Dirk Beckedorf is a physician for internal medicine, a psychotherapist, a psychoanalytical art therapist, a Systemic Listening therapist and an accomplished artist. He was trained in the listening therapy by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. He has been working with listening therapy as well as art in his psychotherapy practice in Bremen, Germany for the past 29


Dipl. Psych. Franz Müller is a psychologist and theologian who was trained in listening therapy by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. His practice in Mölln, Germany, offers communication training, Systemic Listening Therapy as well as psychotherapy. The focal point of this work lies in the integration of listening therapy and psychotherapy for both children and adults.

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